Helping Your Child At Home

*Read with your child every day! One of the best (and easiest) ways to help your child at home is to read with them.  Although it is great to allow your child opportunities to read themselves, reading to them is equally as important.  Reading to your child models how to read with fluency and expression. Visit the public library with your child to sign up for a library card or visit Barnes and Noble or the Used Bookstore to add quality books to your own library.  The more excitement you show for reading the more your child will want to read.  The more reading the better!

*Review/Practice Sight Words. Sight words are words that your child must learn how to read and spell fluently. You can find a list of these words by clicking “Trick Words” on the side of the page.  Throughout the year we will be learning words from this list. You may wish to make flashcards or play games in order to help your child recognize and memorize these words.

*Review/Practice Math Facts. By the end of first grade, your child should have memorized addition and  subtraction math facts to sums of ten.   Knowing these math facts will aid your child in future math problem solving.   Have your child practice math facts by creating flash cards or playing math games.

*Make weekly homework a priority. Homework will begin shortly after school has begun.  Be sure to ask your child questions about his/her homework and what they are learning.  When doing homework allow your child to do his/her own work.  However, you may offer help when needed. You may also provide a special at-home workplace for your child to practice words, do homework, etc.

 *Instill a positive work ethic in your child.  Get him/her excited for school and learning. Ask questions about the school day and what we are learning.

*Keep strong Parent/Teacher communication. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  You may contact me via email or by calling my classroom phone.  My contact information was sent in the summer letter you received and will be sent home again on the first day of school.

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